Earth: Population: US Migration Patterns


The cool New York Times Upshot blog has published a fascinating set of interactive infographics relating to population change in the United States, specifically how people have moved from state to state over the last century or so.  The graphs show what percentage of population each state were born in other states. Immigrants from outside the US are lumped together and it would be interesting to see a breakdown of that segment. In fact, since they are showing percentages of the whole, rather than total numbers, it’s hard to see how a large increase or decrease in overall population may relate to the distribution of origins (thus a percentage decrease of some segment of a growing population could still be an increase in total numbers of that segment). Also, the graphs show only birth origins, so the numbers of people who may have moved from some state other than that in which they were born are not show. Nonetheless it’s an interesting view of population migration.

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