GalacticMonitor.com wants to be your intelligent portal to observing the universe around you. The key aspects to all our resources are:

  • Immediacy: We’re all about what’s happening NOW.
  • Quality: Each resource is curated by our staff to ensure it’s worth your time.
  • Usefulness: If you want to know the status of a volcano, odds are it’s important to you. (Like “get the heck outa there now!”) Similarly, when you tell someone you’ll be there “God willing and the creek don’t rise,” well maybe you better check the water levels on that creek.
  • Coolness: While nearly all the resources we feature are useful, or even critical, to somebody, the real reason most people come here is to be turned on by the “wow” factor. Sure, the Hubble pictures are stunning and you can always count of something spectacular from there. But find live cams showing eagles nesting, or see the waves come in at Waimea Bay, or see the latest data on tsunamis,volcanos, and hurricanes, or see near-real-time images of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. This stuff is not only critically important, it’s really fun and interesting to watch!

Yes, you can find what you want by Googling it, but we’re just people like you who love to learn about what’s happening now in the real world. And we love to share it with you!

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